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Welcome to the site of who  love travel in freedom , of who  love find beautiful places rich of story and fashion were nature is unexplored,   of who love to stay all the day observing the skyline of New York ,of who think to be  a modern explorer

We have created this site for all the travelers like us, so if you have questions or advices   contact us  your suggestions are always welcome.  

The last vacation are over and we begin to think at the next one , but find a good reason for visit a new place   it's not easy, for this reason we are glad to now that a lot of people travel everyday (and you probably are one of this ) and can help us to choose the new destination. Click on the name below and write us a good reason and your suggestion .

Thank you  so much for your suggestion

Roby & Giuly

1: Australia

2: South Africa

3: Seychelles

4: Chile-Patagonia



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Antigua and its beautiful beaches

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